Happy Birthday, Higgins!

Oh dear..I’m sorry to have been away so long!  I’ve been working hard on the ‘next big thing’ and there just haven’t been enough hours in the day.

But Higgins!  It was his birthday this week.  I can’t believe it’s nearly four years since we brought home this tiny bundle of black and tan trouble…

Higgins Mini dachshund in spotty blanket

Higgins on lead

(You can see more cute photos in the 2009/2010 archives)

He was calling the shots right from the start!  I tried very hard to get him in the party spirit for his birthday photo but you can tell, he really didn’t like wearing a hat, party or not!

Higgins, miniature dachshund in party hat

He’s already eaten all the squeaks out of his birthday presents too, but he had fun doing it!

And coincidently I had a Higgins related present this morning which I’d like to share with you. You’ll remember from this post I had a needlefelting workshop at the Art’s Desire Craft Lounge making little fantasy birds, and one of the participants was Willow, half of Farrell and Holmes who make beautiful things like this…

FarrellHolmes Dachshund

Will had such a good time learning to needlefelt I don’t think she’s stopped since, and this morning I received a card…

Thankyou card

and a mysterious little package…

pink package

In which I found..

Higgins Mirror..this gorgeous little mirror!

Higgins Mini dachshund  Mirror

Now while I’m pretty sure Higgins would love to sit and gaze at his own reflection I’m sorry, it’s going in my handbag!  Thank you, Will!

I’m off to do some photography now.  Remember I was working on the Knitted Mouse Pattern? Well I’m nearly there and plan to launch it this weekend.  If you are one of those frustrated non-crochet-ers who have been begging for a knitting pattern there not much longer to wait, I promise.  All fourteen of the new knitted Rainbow Mice are lining up to show off their best profiles for the camera right now.

I’ll be back soon….!

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14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Higgins!

  1. Mrs. Micawber

    I LOVE the expression on his face….
    “Really, Mum? I have to wear the hat AND be photographed in it?”

    Happy Birthday to a very handsome and charming fellow. 🙂

  2. Penny

    How adorable are those puppy pics of Higgins! Happy birthday sweet little sausage dog, classic pic of him really trying to be patient while his photo is taken with his birthday hat on Penny. I’ve missed you, lovely to see you posting your news xox Penny

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