Little Vintage Lover Fair

Sunday was a day off…hooray! A gorgeous sunny day, just right to pack the car and head off to the Little Vintage Lover Fair in Heydon, Norfolk.  I’ve been spotting mentions of it on various blogs over the past weeks,  I knew my friend Lisa, of Bobobun was going to be there and it’s so long since I last went!

hollyhocks - Little Vintage Lover Fair

It’s such a gorgeous venue, the quintessential English village, part of a large estate with no through road so it’s very peaceful.

Heydon - Little Vintage Lover FairHiggins was delighted with the park…

Higgins at theLittle Vintage Lover Fair…and met some lovely people to talk to outside the tearooms…

Tea rooms, Heydon - Little Vintage Lover Fair

The venue itself was in an early 20th century Army hut, with stalls both inside and out and there was so much to see…

Heydon Village Hall - Little Vintage Lover Fair

car at  Little Vintage Lover Fair

Stalls at Little Vintage Lover FairWe found Bobobun inside, (call over to the blog to see lots more photos!)…

Bobobun Stall at Little Vintage Lover Fair

..and Higgins was delighted to meet Lisa and Little Bun.  He was also pleased to find he was not the only visiting dog so it was an interesting day for him too!


(He’s always a little cautious about bigger dogs who might stand on him as you can see!)

This week he’s spent quite a bit of time in the studio helping me (commandeering a crochet blankie to make under the desk extra comfy) while I get ready for the next needlefelt workshop at Arts Desire.

mini dachshund and crochet throw

I’ll tell you more about it after Saturday, but this time we are making mice.  Would you like to see?

Needlefelt Mouse

I’ll be back soon….x

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4 thoughts on “Little Vintage Lover Fair

  1. Sue

    Looks like a fun, fun event! And what gorgeous weather too.

    Your needlefelted mouse is adorable. Our local bead shop owner has been dabbling in needlefelting and is thinking of holding classes – if so I hope to attend. Good luck with your classes! 🙂

  2. wendy

    What a great day out, all look liked lots of fun and Higgins looked very happy too. Love his look while being checked by the bigger dog lol

  3. judie gleason

    I found your blog a few months ago and am following you and Higgins. Thank you for all the great photos. I live in the middle of the USA (Indiana)and would love to purchase some of your lovely yarns and patterns. How do I figure out cost in dollars. I’m sure you have answered this question but I am new to your site. Give Higgins a hug from me. Looking forward to your nest post, Judie

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