Crochet Christmas Baubles – Part Two

Crochet Christmas BaublesWhen I wrote the last post about Crochet Christmas Baubles and the perils of pattern writing I really didn’t expect such a huge response when I tentatively asked for pattern testers.  Many,  many thanks for all the offers, it was very much appreciated.  I’ve not done this before, and decided on 4 testers as I hoped that different things would be picked up by different readers but that 4 points of view wouldn’t confuse me too much!

It’s amazing how many typos got through,  you really do read what you meant to say, not what you actually said. I was able to make tweaks to the pattern to correct anomalies, and to clarify instructions, so the testers’ input has been hugely helpful, so many thanks to Gina, Sarah, Alison and Janet.  This is from Janet, it’s interesting to see someone else’s version!

Crochet Christmas Bauble example

I’ve added the American equivalents to the abbreviations which I hope will help, and I’ve put in illustrated steps which I hope will  make things clear.  It looks more complicated than it actually is!

The pattern is now for sale in the Etsy shop here, along with the yarn of course.

more crochet Christmas baubles

I’m now busy getting things together for the Two Rivers Trail Exhibition and Craft Fair which is coming up on 24th November, and coming up very quickly… eek…!

It’s the only thing I’m doing in the real world for a while (as opposed to cyber space) so if you are in the Norfolk area it would be lovely to see you.  My fellow ‘Trailers’ are a talented lot and have very varied skills so there really is something for everyone.

I’ve just time to fit in a Higgy walk before it gets too dark so I’m off just now, but I’ll be back soon…x

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2 thoughts on “Crochet Christmas Baubles – Part Two

  1. Sue

    Gosh, they’re cute, Penny. They make me think of millefiori beads. And I know what you mean about pattern writing…. 🙂

    Hope you had a good Higgy walk. (And that he had a good Penny walk.)

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