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Christmas Countdown – Day Two

Hello!  I hope you enjoyed the links and inspiration for Day One of the Christmas Countdown.

Looking back to last year and the Planet Penny Advent Calendar I found the little yarn balls which I made as tree decorations which then went on to have decorative use all year round.

This is how they started out…

mini balls and needles - Christmas Countdown day 2

Planet Penny Advent Calendar – Day Two

They then went on the tree…

yarn ball decorations Christmas Countdown Day 2

And eventually found a new life as the Knitting Mobile!

Knitting Mobile Christmas Countdown Day 2

Knitting Mobile link to PDF

This year I made some slightly bigger baubles by the same method, leaving off the knitting needles and adding a contrasting button on the hanger.

yarn balls Christmas countdown day 2 So with the wrapping of threads in mind, here are a few more ideas…

These are made using balloons and I think would work well fixed over fairy lights.

string balls


I can’t find a link for this one but I love it, even though it would take oodles of yarn (and patience!)

yarn wrapped tree

This little tree is sweet, and makes good use of battery fairy lights which are a much safer option, especially when you have excited little ones around.

wrapped yarn tree Christmas Count Down

Homemade Gifts Made Easy

And this is a lovely, simple idea.  What better time of year than Christmas to count your blessings and put them on a string?

blessings string Christmas Countdown

A Soft Place To Land

I hope you like these yarn and string ideas.  Don’t forget to click the images and links to find out more..

Have fun! See you tomorrow…x

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