Has Anybody Seen My Mojo…?

Norfolk SkyI’m feeling like I’m a bit of blogging dead loss at the moment, I do apologise!

I built up quite a head of steam during December with my daily Christmas Countdown posts, and had lots of plans for January but as you know, 2014 did not get off to a good start for Team Planet Penny…

And annoyingly I’m just generally not very well.  Nothing alarming, but two separate things which necessitate visits to different clinics at the hospital the other side of Norwich  for tests and consultations and so far I’m averaging two trips a week!

So the energy levels are low, and my get up and go really has got up and gone!

There are only two choices in this situation.  I can sit and fume about not being able to do the things I want to do and make myself feel even worse, or step back and let things drift a little while I administer a little TLC to myself.

I’m my own worst enemy when I’m busy anyway.  Eating standing up, being too tired to bother to cook for one in the evening when Tim is away, cheese and crackers and a glass of wine (or two!) is SO easy… Saying ‘yes’ too often when asked to do something I don’t actually have time to do…I don’t need to go on, I’m sure you’ve been there too.

So I’m switching off the computer in the evenings, and trying to ignore all but the most urgent emails and texts which arrive via my phone.  I’m eating meals at mealtimes, simple stuff but fresh and not filling up on biscuits and tea to keep going.  And while I’m waiting for my inspiration to return I’m going to make some little things for my forthcoming grandson, due to arrive of Valentine’s Day.

I’ve had a baby blanket on the hook for ages revisiting my old favourite, the Ripple stitch and made what my Dad would have referred to as a ‘Bobby-Dazzler’!

crochet ripple blanket - Planet Penny Cotton

Planet PEnny Cotton - Ripple stitch blanket

Ripple Stitch baby blanket - Planet Penny cotton

pram blanket - Planet PEnny cotton

And I bought a magazine after Christmas which I hoped would inspire me…

Handmade Gifts for Girls and  Boys

Don’t you love the dinosaurs?  I thought they would be perfect for the Planet Penny Cotton and planned to make all three.  This is the Diplodocus…

crochet diplodocus - Planet Penny CottonHe’s very cute, but alas I can’t recommend the pattern to anyone who isn’t a fairly practised crocheter. It was quite tricky to keep track of the stitches because there was no indication at the end of each increase or decrease row as to how many stitches there should actually be.  Such a shame, and silly really because there are so many other places to find patterns with picture explanations or even videos. You need a bit more when you’ve paid out £7.99 for a magazine.

crochet dinosaur - Planet Penny Cotton

dinosaur - crochet in Planet Penny CottonI have another project too, thanks to the power of serendipity!  It’s all about making time to read, and linking up with other readers.

I’ll be back soon to tell you all about it, and in the meantime I’ll leave you with the promised photo of my knitted square for the Age UK Campaign from this post.  It’ll be on it’s way to Norman Lamb MP this very week!

warm homesd now Age UK Campaign 2014

Have you made yours yet?!

See you soon…x




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22 thoughts on “Has Anybody Seen My Mojo…?

  1. penelopeangel

    That has to be one big Bobby Dazzler of a blanket Penny, it’s gorgeous and will no doubt shine all it’s rainbow beams into your new little grandsons life, you do seem to have a lot of wonderful boys in your life ;o)
    I do hope all goes well with all the tests and that so will find your mojo, January always feels like a sloth of a month to me, so and weary, but hopefully we will start noticing the days getting brighter earlier and later in the evenings x

  2. Alison

    January is a funny month, most of us have a mojo problem. Your health and loss don’t help. Whatever animal we have they are so much a part of the family and their absence is hard to get used to.
    Your rainbow blanket looks great, mine is coming along and I now have some of your white. I am so looking forward to making projects with white and colour. My grandson was born today, but I don’t think I would tackle a dinosaur!!
    Do take care, hope you get better soon.

  3. Rhian

    Love your Bobby Dazzler, I’m going to be a step grandma in April (a boy) and was all set to do a blanket in pastels but you’ve inspired me to go bright and colourful. You are an inspiration many thanks

  4. Mary Jenkins

    Penny – love the blanket and the dinosaur! Please remember to take time for yourself as your health is the only thing that matters as ultimately it affects everything else. Not long til your new baby arrives … my son just made us laugh tonight saying he was going to see his manager about Paternity leave for April and it just seemed so incongruous! “It is a real baby mum, and IT IS coming really soon!” Lucky us…. enjoy the rest Penny, take life slowly and look after yourself first.

  5. Lilly's Mom

    Hi Penny, I do hope you feel better and get some rest. Your baby blanket is a work of art! The color combination is beautiful. I hope you have a good week and feel better soon.

  6. Penny

    You make the BEST baby blankets! I loved your yellow ripple with the cords going through the ripple eyes, and this one is just as lovely. Don’t worry – your mojo will burst into fruition come spring xo

  7. Patch

    Ahhh, hope you are back up to speed really soon. Love your blanket and dinosaur (shame about the pattern). Quick question… Which ripple pattern do you use? It looks a bit different to others I have seen… I like the holes! Cheers. X

  8. wendy

    That blanket is beautiful and love the dinosaur. My mojo has been very off, but slowly coming back….. hugs to you and your family xo

  9. Alessandra

    yes, a great blanket!!!!! Kids deserve bright colours, because they are so lively!!!!! ;od
    Take care of yourself and little by little your happy mojo will be back!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  10. Magic Cochin

    What a wonderfully cheerful blanket! Tests and hospital visits are a drag – so hope you soon feel on the mend.
    To give my blog a reviving tonic, I’m aiming to do 100 posts over 2014 about flowers blooming in my garden – it makes me look closer and appreciate what’s out there – an interlude/meditation a couple of times a week.

    Hugs to you and Higgins xx

  11. Faith

    The blanket is just perfect for a new baby, there will definitely be some blanket envy going on from other mums! Love the dinosaurs too, but agree with you on the stitch counts, easy enough to put a number at the end of each round. I like doing Ami, but I do find I don’t use a stitch counter and one of my boys will ask me a question and then i’m caught out!
    Sorry to hear your feeling a bit bleugh, I think you’re not alone in feeling flat after the busyness of Christmas, I hope with the signs of spring popping up, you’ll feel more yourself soon.x

  12. Toffeeapple

    I think that everyone’s mojo hides under January and only comes out when this month has ended. Good luck with everything Penny.

  13. Monica

    Am I missing something?? I would love to find the pattern for this beautiful blanket! Can anyone help me? =) Thanks!

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