Little Shoes for Little People

Felt Baby Shoes

There’s something about little shoes isn’t there?  I seem to have gathered a whole collection of patterns for teeny tiny shoes, and actually shoes are the last thing a small baby needs!

My own babies were born, like I was, with huge feet and were already too big for the infant sizes by the time they decided to get round to walking.  The tiny shoes I had been given when they were born ended up as ornaments!

So it’s probably a triumph of hope over experience that having found this delightful (and very simple) pattern I decided to make my imminently arriving grandson some little shoes that might not fit.  (There’s always the possibility that he will inherit my daughter-in-law’s dainty feet, after all!)

I bought the felt from the Blooming Felt stand at last year’s Knitting and Stitching Show, Sarah has an amazing range of colours but I went for subtle shades of grey.

felt baby shoes

This is a lovely project, very easy to sew, and the felt would lend itself to being embroidered.  I can just imagine little cream or white shoes embellished with stitched flowers for a special occasion.

I found the pictures describing the method on Pinterest…

Baby Shoes Long Pin

But the pattern and detailed instructions can be found on the Purl Bee website.  I know there are lots of prospective new mums and grannies out there, I’d love to know if you make teeny tiny shoes too!


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7 thoughts on “Little Shoes for Little People

  1. rainbowjunkiecorner

    So cute and easy to make. I love all the different colours! But I have to admit I didn’t get my children shoes until they were old enough to walk around outside which for my oldest was over 21 months!

  2. knutty knitter

    Adorable but not practical for our lot who seem to go in for minute feet. I never could get shoes to fit them when they walked. Be interesting to see what the next generation brings – in a few years that is, they’re still teens 🙂

    viv in nz

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