Art Therapy Colouring Books – Review and Giveaway

When I was approached the other day to review a couple of Art Therapy books I wondered if someone had been peeking in my office, because I have this picture pinned on the wall beside the monitor…

If anyone needs me I will be in my blanket fort - colouring in…and I have had a wonderful excuse to do just that with the two books which arrived a week or so back from Jacqui Small Publishing, Art Therapy Stained Glass and Art Therapy Mandalas.

Stained glass colouring book, art therapy

Art Therapy Mandala Colouring BookThere is something very relaxing about letting someone else worry about the lines and the shapes: when all you’ve got to do is think about what colour crayon to pick up next, or washing your paint brush ready to mix another shade.  And now it’s official, we’re not wasting time, we are relaxing, it’s therapy!Art Therapy Press ReleaseI’ve been scribbling away happily over the past few days and after all the worries about my mum it’s been lovely to switch off that part of my brain.  This was my favourite from the Stained Glass book…

Art Therapy Stained Glass Colouring bookI’d rather like this next design as wallpaper, wouldn’t you?…

Art Therapy book MandalasWith this one I went to town with the paints.  I may get round to finishing them but I actually rather like the colours set against the black and white.Mandala Flowers Art TherapyHaving shared my adventures on Facebook and Instagram I was not surprised to have lots of positive comments about the whole idea of colouring in.  Such positive comments in fact from both my daughter and daughter-in-law that I shall restrain myself from further scribbling so I can pass the books over to them.  As my daughter is soon to embark on Teacher Training and my D-in-L is a new mum I think they need all the relaxation they can get!

And I’m pleased to say if you feel in a need of a little Art Therapy and relaxation there is a Giveaway!  I have two more copies of these lovely books lined up to give away to the even lovelier Planet Penny readers!

All you have to do is to leave a comment telling us about your favourite place to relax and get away from it all, and which of the two books you would like to take with you.

The winners will be picked on Friday 8th August, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

(Thank you to all who took part.  The Giveaway now closed, winners to be announced very soon)

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37 thoughts on “Art Therapy Colouring Books – Review and Giveaway

  1. barbara n

    I spend a lot of time outside on my patio enjoying my garden and the sound of the birds! I would love either one of these books!

  2. rainbowjunkiecorner

    I don’t think I have a favourite place to relax and get away from it all but as I am a shy introvert sort of person it would most often be sitting in my garden or in my study (2nd bedroom). I haven’t done any colouring in lately but I do like drawing mandalas so although I could enjoy both books, I think I would have to go for the Mandals one,

  3. Sandy

    My favourite place to relax is by the water. Just listening to the little waves lapping against the rocks is very soothing for my soul. I’d have to say the stained glass colouring book would be right up my alley. Gotta get out the felt pens!

  4. Sandra Taylor

    My favourite place to relax is my summer house. I love it. I’ve just put up some mandalas on the walls, so would love the Mandala book to create some more designs. Thank you for the chance to join with the others to see if I can win! 🙂

  5. Alison

    Hi Penny, these look interesting, I think mandalas would be my choice should I win.
    My relaxing place can be done anywhere, it is more shutting my eyes and doing a walk through a field near a stream with a large oak tree. I would paddle my feet, watch the fish then sit under the tree and relax, all imaginary but quite relaxing. Glad you have had some relaxation.

  6. Janice perkin

    I just love sitting in the garden. I would like the stained glass one as 2years ago I went on a fantastic stained glass workshop and I wasn’t a natural and found it really hard. This would be ideal!!!

  7. Helen

    My favourite place to relax is definitely the hammock in my garden. It’s a difficult choice between the 2 books, but I loved my Altair design pads as a child & the mandalas look like a grown up version of them!

  8. Angel Jem

    Time was my favourite relaxation place was Borders. I used to drop off the kids and drive there. As soon as I walked in I could feel my blood pressure dropping. Nowadays I relax best in my garden. I have a comfy seat corner with a firepit and it is a really good place to sit. If I could choose I’d have the stained glass book. If I copied the pictures coloured them in a carefully wiped olive oil on the back they’d turn translucent and look lovely on my windows!

  9. judie gleason

    I have looked long and hard for this and ended up with childrens books. It is lovely to see these fun adult colouring books. My favorite place to relax is the kitchen! Ido love to cook. My health has slowed me down a lot. My grandchildren are a big help thank goodness. My place when I am tired is my chair with a good book. (To be honest I read a lot of books.) Thanks for the blog,Judie

  10. joy adderson

    hi love the books and if i was to be lucky enough to win a book it wouldnt matter which as they are both beautiful and it would be lovely to own any one…. My favourite place to relax is my summer house its so peaceful and i have a lovely view of my garden,and. its one of millie, my cats , favourite places to sleep….

  11. Judy Westen

    My favorite place to get away from it all is Ojo Caliente, a hot springs north of Santa Fe, where I live. The hot water and minerals are wonderful for body, mind, and spirit. I would love to have the Mandalas coloring book!

  12. Michelle

    My favorite place to relax and get away from it all is the beach. The beach closest to my house is Galveston, so we go there when we can get away. I love both of the books, but am especially attracted to the stained glass one.

  13. VeggieMummy

    My ‘Happy Place’ is sitting at the bottom of the garden by the river. The birdsong, the sound of the leaves rustling and the odd duck and moorhen paddling by relaxes me every time; it’s my favourite place for a quiet 10 minutes and a cup of tea. Both books look excellent, but I am rather partial to stained glass windows, so I think it would have to be that one. Thank you for the generous giveaway and good luck everyone. x

  14. Jean Birch-Leonard

    Your post has made me think about my love of colouring in when I was a nipper. I could ‘lose’ myself for hours, I enjoyed it soooo much. Threading buttons on to cotton thread was my next big love. Ah me, simple times. I don’t have a favourite place to relax, it’s just nice to get the chance, but I suppose anywhere I’m surrounded by nature does the trick. Which book? Either, it would be just lovely to win one of your giveaways.

    Jean x

  15. Amber

    My favorite place to relax is in a hammock in my parents’ backyard. I spend a lot of time reading there whenever I visit

  16. Gaynor

    My favourite place to relax is at the local beach where the sound of the waves breaking creates a beautiful lull. I often take my knitting or my crochet with me and sit in the car, windows open, chilling out. The book I’m interested in is the mandalas one. I’m itching to get on and crochet some mandalas and this book would give me a chance to experiment with colour combinations. Thanks Penny x

  17. Janice

    Hi Penny, Your post reminded me of when my children were young, so, may I apply on behalf of my 86 year old Mother? I have so many relaxing memories of her sitting at the table with my children and colouring in their colouring books with them and enjoying it as much as they did! Both these books would be excellent Art Therapy for the elderly but I do have a slight preference for the stained glass book.

  18. Sonata

    Favourite place to relax ? My sofa . In fact , I often relax so much , I don’t get up again for hours …
    The books are exactly what we looked for years ago , when my father’s physiotherapist recommended “colouring in” , when he got Parkinson’s . He would have liked these much better than the usual things available at the time . The stained glass one is particularly fine .

  19. Michelle

    Definitely the Mandalas book.I love being in a sheltered sunny spot with the sound of nature on the back or front deck. The sounds of the family, hens and cat pottering about is also comforting and reassuring. There is something special about quietly watching the goings on in your own household.

  20. jenny

    My favourite place to relax is Amroth beach. Listening to the tide roll in and wash over the mass of pebbles, with my toes in the sand. I would love to win the art therapy mandalas book, and colour away in front of the ocean…..

  21. Maxine

    I’m lucky enough to have a small attic room which I hide away in – all that is in it are lots of bookshelves full of books, some of my craft materials and a comfy sofa – it’s my little retreat! I’d love to be lucky enough to win either of these books

  22. nickirocky

    I relax in our camper van. It is small but surprisingly comfy and it takes me away from all the jobs I “need” to do at home and onto new horizons and exciting, beautiful things to see. It protects me from the rain and the sun and the fridge magnets we have collected on the fridge door remind me of happy memories. I can settle with a cup of tea and some crochet or plan our next adventure from my laptop and books. It is quintessentially a place to chill that can be whatever you need it to be.

  23. Linda

    My favorite place to relax is near our lake. I would love to have the Mandalas book. I have loved to draw them since I was a child. Your post brings back happy memories!

  24. Jenna O

    My favorite place to relax is my home. And my little sofa. I sit down there and watch the beautiful view from the window! The Mandalas book is my favourite 🙂

  25. Janet Barnes

    I have a particular corner of my front room I like to relax. Even when my husband re-arranged the furniture I was drawn to that area of the room rather than the chair I always sat on. Stained Glass is my favourite of the 2 books xx

  26. Louise

    My favourite place to relax is in my little garden den, hiding amongst the birds and beasties! I would love to win the stained glass book

  27. Soledad torres

    my favorite place to relax is my garden, flowers and leaves sing to me. the evening air caresses my face and break the silence of the evening.

  28. Debbie Price

    My favourite place is anywhere my crocheting is! I love to be in a comfy chair with my crochet. If i would be chosen, the book would be for my daughter, Laura, who is 15. She is a wonderful drawer and wants to be an animator. She suffers from anxiety and depression, but her drawing and painting is a comfort and outlet for her. Either of the books would be welcomed. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  29. Carolyn Green

    I would love either of these books, i love my armchair or sitting by a lake or river if I’m away from home. Certainly could do with doing something therapeutic. x

  30. Tracey Firman

    I love to be by the sea, the sound of the waves is so soothing. I would love either book, but if I had to choose I would like the stained glass one. Thank you.

  31. sarah eliis

    Hey Penny, My favourite place to relax….a busy coffee shop. I find the coming and going of all the people really relaxing. AS for which book? I would love to win the Mandalas please..I love a good repeating pattern!

  32. Corrie

    These look absolutely amazing! My boyfriend bought me a dot-to-dot for adults book as a therapy book but this looks less difficult!

    The mandalas one is beautiful.

  33. Thea

    It’s those stolen few moments on my sofa which sounds dull but, in the summer sun by the window with the breeze coming in and a coffee next to me as I am tucked in a corner surrounded by my books, cushions and crochet rainbow throw, I feel that I have made that Marmie corner as in “Little Women.” My girls now see it as my corner and will come for cuddles or to watch.
    I would love the Mandala book x

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