Everyone Needs a Crochet Skirt Guard!

Actually, I’ve only just realised that I personally need a crochet skirt guard even though I don’t know whether one would survive many journeys down our muddy lanes!

I spotted one in Mollie Makes a few weeks back in pale, subtle colours.  Did you see it?  Definitely not mud friendly!

Crochet Skirt guard

Crochet Skirt Guard – Mollie Makes – issue 41

But it was a conversation I had with one of my Planet Penny customers which set me thinking…

(When you live on your own little Planet in cyberspace it’s such a treat to actually meet up with one of you lovely people out there!)

Debbie bought a pack of Planet Penny yarn when she visited for Open Studios and mentioned making a skirt guard as she left. I pleaded with her to send pictures of the finished piece.I love to see what people do with the yarn after it leaves me as I never seem to have time to be as adventurous as I would like with my own yarn.

My day was made yesterday when an email popped into my inbox with the most gorgeous picture, worthy of Country Living magazine!  How fabulous is this…?

Crochet Skirt Guard made with Planet Penny Cotton Colours

The unusual colour combination is stunning and it looks a real labour of love.  Debbie used a pattern from JustDo who sells her patterns on Etsy…

Crochet Skirt Guard from Just Do

Crochet Skirt Guard Pattern from JustDo on Etsy

…and had to be a bit ingenious to make it fit her own bike but it worked beautifully.  Thanks Debbie, for allowing me to share, just too good to hide away!

I’ll be back soon…x


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3 thoughts on “Everyone Needs a Crochet Skirt Guard!

  1. Sandra

    Eek. Pretty to look at but I have visions of loose threads getting caught in the spokes with disastrous results! Decorative rather than practical maybe?!

  2. Sue

    Wow, a definite labour of love! Wouldn’t work on my bike, I’m afraid. I have to be content with a tiny crochet turtle in a tiny crochet basket tied to the handlebars. (But the basket is made from PPCC.) 🙂

    P.S. When I saw the words “crochet skirt guard” I was envisioning something to protect a crocheted skirt. I blame my upbringing.

  3. Sonata

    I saw a bike with one just before last Christmas and wondered , fleetingly , if I could learn to crochet fast enough to make some as presents for friends . Then realised that , since I hadn’t managed to learn yet , it seemed unlikely .
    Debbie’s made a beautiful job of it , though .

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