Do You Mind if I Knit – Vanessa Cabban

Vanessa Cabban

Many of you will have read my tribute to Vanessa Cabban in this post, and I was not surprised by the depth of feeling expressed by so many people on reading about her tragic death.

Fellow blogger and friend, Lisa of Bobobun has had a similar reaction after her own tribute on Instagram and we felt there must be a way for Vanessa’s online friends to mark the day of her funeral.  Lisa has made the following suggestion to everyone who would like to remember Vanessa on this sad day…

Vanessa’s funeral will be at 11am on the 30th of December. As a mark of our online friendship and out of respect for her memory I will be posting a photo at 11am that day under the heading Do You Mind if I Knit? #vanessacabban. It would be wonderful if as many of you who knew or were inspired by her joined in too. Post a picture of something you’re making, it doesn’t matter if you can’t knit. Vanessa also crocheted, made clothes, created papier-mâché sculptures, brooches, painted and illustrated books. What she did do though was make sure she had time to knit a few rows every day to set the day right. Penny @planetpenny will also be hosting the same via her blog Planet Penny.

So I hope you will join us tomorrow at 11o’clock to remember Vanessa, with a picture of something you are making.  If you are on Instagram you will find me @planetpenny and Lisa @bobobun68 and when you post a picture don’t forget the heading and hashtag.  If you are not on Instagram you can send your photo to me at and I will add them to this post.

Please feel free to share this blog post to spread the word as far as you can, it would be lovely to send this tribute across cyberspace to mark the life of a talented and inspirational lady, Vanessa Cabban.

In memory of Vanessa, her family have set up a Just Giving page where you can make a donation to the Mental Health Foundation.

Photos added in tribute to Vanessa…

Celia Hart

Celia Hart


Dotty Cookie



Judith Crossley

Judith Crossley

Susan Greenhow

Susan Greenhow

Koko Okamuru

Koko Okamuru

…and many more on Instagram…

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14 thoughts on “Do You Mind if I Knit – Vanessa Cabban

  1. Bobbie

    Lovely idea. Will do it. Am feeling so sad, as many of us obviously are and feel I am now questioning the value of online ‘friendships’. We weren’t there for her in the end

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  3. Nana GoGo

    I was very lucky to have seen her exhibit (a ‘hare in a wall’) at the Scottish National Gallery in Edinburgh two weeks’ ago and was so glad to think that she was still working and making her sculptures. I also just bought her newly illustrated ‘Santa’ book for my Grandaughter for Xmas. We also have her beautiful illustrations in the book ‘Bringing Down the Moon’. How terribly,terribly sad for her family and friends. x

  4. Toffeeapple

    I have only now got to your blog Penny, so I managed to miss the whole thing, sadly. I still can’t quite believe it happened, I feel so for her friends and relatives.

  5. Carol aka Dansnan

    It has been a day of sadness but thanks to you and Lisa we have had the chance to remember a talented and inspirational young lady who brought so much colour, joy and fun into our lives. Rest in Peace, Vanessa.
    Carol xx

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  7. Nina Kellock

    I don’t belong to any of these social media things, not on Instagram, but I made my own blog post about Vanessa over a week ago when I heard of her tragic death, and paused for a moment to remember her yesterday morning. Lovely idea…. I hope her family have been able to read some of the blog posts about her.

  8. Victoria

    I don’t have Instagram and I don’t know how to Tweet so I’m posting this instead. I was so saddened to hear about Vanessa Cabban’s death. In memory of her I will pick up my knitting today.
    Sleep peacefully Vanessa.

  9. Sue

    Vanessa did a lovely ‘Bunny Girl’ tribute to my granddaughter and I’m devastated by this news.I have her cards and gift tags here in my home and can’t believe such talent has been lost…

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