Happy Friday Number 4

I can’t believe Happy Friday has come around again so quickly!

I fully intended to have written a blog post earlier in the week with all sorts of news in but it was so busy happening I just haven’t had time! So I’m not going to try and shoehorn everything in just here, but instead make sure I add in extra posts and catch up.

My own happiest moments this week was all about friends…

Firstly Higgins met a new friend.  Little Dexter, who is seven months old, came round to play and rang rings round poor Higgins.

Mostly things were just a blur…

Miniature Dachshunds - Happy Friday

But with the aid of a bribe or two we managed a long enough pause to get things into focus…..

Mini Dachshunds for Happy Friday

I toddled off into Norwich to be a ‘lady who lunches’ to meet up with Gabriella  and Lisa, two lovely and talented blogging buddies.  It’s always so nice to have a chance to meet up in the real world!

And I’ve had lots of yummy post this week, I shall just give you a sneaky peek of one of the parcels…

Yarn for Happy Friday

…and tell you all about it later!

So what ‘s happened this week to make you smile?  Tell us all about it by joining in via the Linky below.  If you haven’t done it before, don’t be shy.  You can find out just  what to do here.  It’s a great way of making new blogging friends, and for people to discover you and your blog.

Enjoy a Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend and I’ll be back soon…x

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17 thoughts on “Happy Friday Number 4

  1. Ali

    Your photos of Higgins and Dexter have made me happy. They look so cute together. Thanks for spreading
    some happy with your link party.
    Ali xx

  2. fiddlyfingers

    Higgins looks like he enjoyed having his playmate Dexter round. It’s difficult to tell one from the other in the photos. Fancy only showing us a tempting picture of some gorgeous yarn without telling us more about it. How cruel Lol 🙂

  3. Alison

    The two dogs look very intent waiting for whatever you bribed them with! My smile this week is a bunch of daffodils, tight buds in the shop, once in the vase slowly opening, just amazing.

  4. Teje

    Hi Penny! Your idea for this link party was great! Now at least on Friday I remember to post, realizing that week has gone again. Also no preasure to write a post with Project photos etc. just happy photos. This time I shall make two Happy Friday posts. Have a great weekend! x teje

  5. freespiritdesigns

    Aww doesn’t Higgins look cute with his little pal! I’m guessing what your plans for your new yarn might be now… looking forward to finding out! 🙂

  6. VeggieMummy

    Love the photo of Higgins and his friend – they look so fast, so well done for getting one in focus! Can’t wait to see what you make with the yarn. x

  7. Crafternoon Treats

    Lovely photos of the dogs 🙂 My happy moment was finishing a knitted project – YAY! I also had a squishy yarn parcel, so nice to get new yarn and think about starting something new 🙂

  8. Annie

    Aww, Higgins friend is nearly as cute as he is.

    Our 10 year old mini wire dachsie met a 7mth old relative yesterday, although in our case it was entirely unplanned, the pup saw us walking past and squeezed through the bars of a gate to get to us … I’ve been thinking all night that I hope they’ve secured that gate!

  9. Jo

    I love the yarn – such happy colors. I entered my link but the photo didn’t show – if you want to delete it and let me know, I can come back and re-enter it with a photo.

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