Happy Friday Number 9

Welcome to Happy Friday once again…

I hope your week has been productive and fun, and even if it hasn’t overall, I’m sure there are some little nuggets of niceness to hold on to, so do share.

Spring Flowers Happy Friday

The main thing which is making me happy is…it’s March!  It’s spring!  The days are growing longer, the daffodils are popping out and the garden is full of birds.  I can’t help but feel optimistic even when things are tricky.

Even though it’s been cold, Higgins and I have started each day with a walk before breakfast.  (I would point out that it’s been me standing there in coat and fleecy hat swinging the lead, and Higgins buried under the blanket looking grumpy!)Mini dachshund Happy Friday

I’m looking forward to reading your Happy Friday post, and don’t forget you can join in via Instagram too, with #PlanetPennyHappyFriday.  Please remember to link from your post back here to Planet Penny so that more people find the Linky party.  Unfortunately I have been forced to delete one particular person’s links because they had nothing to do with Happy Friday, and everything to do with taking advantage to get free advertising.

Not in the spirit of Happy Friday at all!

See you soon…x

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9 thoughts on “Happy Friday Number 9

  1. Lilly's Mom

    Hello Penny. Your garden is bursting with all the beauty of spring. And, Higgins is so adorable. We had a little much needed rain but it’s going to be warm again this weekend. So, off to the beach we will go. Thanks again for hosting this great blog party.


    SPRING “Flowers”..?? hahahahahahahaha… [hysterically, she laughs as she flings her shovel at the FROSTY-FORTRESS-OF-FLAKES…]
    The LOWEST part of our SNOW *cover* is STILL about a METER THICK!! — I might have to start “faking” the front garden with some yarn-bombing soon…
    But hey, it could be worse — at least I’m not in BOSTON or BUFFALO!

  3. MrsGlade

    Higgins is adorable! My black lab does the same on these cold mornings when I eventually get him out, he does his business and then heads straight back to bed – dog’s life eh? Ah spring is definitely on its way in your garden x

  4. freespiritdesigns

    Lovely photos Penny, its so nice to see the flowers starting to appear isn’t it and like you say, the sound of all the birdies are tweeting away is very heartening! x

  5. fiddlyfingers

    It’s lovely to see the flowers popping up and it makes you feel so much better now Spring is here again. Higgins looks very comfy snuggled up on his blanket. What a cruel mummy to drag him out for a walk in the cold!!!!! 🙂

  6. VeggieMummy

    Poor Higgins! I don’t blame him one bit for not wanting to leave his snuggly blankie! It definitely feels as if a certain something has sprung! x

  7. Jen

    Oh that’s really not in the spirit of things! Thank you so much for hosting such a lovely linky party! I love reading what others have been up to , it is so nice to see a little behind the scenes!
    Higgins looks very comfy in his fleece!!! I’m sure he is really just pretending to not want to go out.. I bet he loves it really! Hope you have a happy week xxx

  8. Ali

    Your spring blooms look wonderful. Isn’t it lovely to see the world waking up again.
    Oh Higgins doesn’t look too impressed about his walk 🙂 My son’s dog gets very excited about
    going out but then doesn’t want to walk very far,he’s getting on a bit now. Thanks for hosting again.
    Ali xx

  9. Kathryn at Crafternoon Treats

    Hi Penny I’ve just made it with a happy moments post – pesky internet. I’ve been without it for three weeks now… but should be up and running again tomorrow. Even with all the peskiness I’ve been enjoying the daffodils and snowdrops and the other spring flowers, as well as a lot more time for crafting. Funny that poor Higgins is not keen on a walk before breakfast but got to have sympathy with him! Have a great week, Kathryn xxx

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