Happy Friday on Good Friday!

I have to admit to having to look hard for those Happy Friday moment to record this week. Things have been tricky, but I’ve been grateful for the motivation to look for the positive moments, they’ve kept me going.

It was lovely to have a visit from my dear daughter last weekend, but the planned family get-together didn’t happen because my precious and smallest grandson, just 13 months old, was rushed to hospital having suffered a prolonged seizure.  Fortunately, after 24 hours in which they brought his temperature down and did a series of tests, he was sent home with antibiotics for a throat infection and is now full of beans.  Unlike his poor parents who are still traumatised, bless them… (and granny’s still feeling pretty wobbly too!)

I must apologise for not visiting all the linked blogs during this week as I usually do, I’m sure you understand why.

In the spirit of being upbeat and springlike I have had an Easter manicure.  What do you think…?Easter manicure for Happy Friday

(Higgins was a bit annoyed about me borrowing his bunny!)

And I have decorated the Easter tree.  I made it with several twiggy branches of twisted willow in a vase full of weighty glass beads, and the lovely thing is since it’s been in the house the buds have turned into little spring green leaves which is so pretty. It’s quite difficult to get a good photo as it’s so light and airy but here’s a flavour of it…

Easter Tree for Happy Friday

Easter Tree closeup for Happy Friday

So I’m looking forward to hearing about your Happy Friday moments this week for even more cheerfulness.  Please join in with the Linky below as usual, making sure you make the post relevant to Happy Friday, and link back to this post so spread the word.

So Happy Friday, and Happy Easter one and all, I’ll be back soon…x


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13 thoughts on “Happy Friday on Good Friday!

  1. Lilly's Mom

    Greetings Penny. I do hope your little grandson is doing well. What a scary episode for him and the family. I love your new manicure! So bright and perfect for Easter. Wishing you a blessed Easter holiday. Give Higgins a hug, too!

  2. Kim

    Hope your grandson is busy eating all the chocky eggs. Sometimes it is very hard to stay positive, with hubby with hardly any work at the moment things are a bit tricky trying to pay bills. I am so tired of robbing Peter to pay Paul, neither getting anys funds. So I have tried selling on Etsy but can’t sell a thing. So I have to be positive things will improve. I have found a quote ” think positive, be positive, & positive things wilol happen” hasn’t worked so far. Will keep trying.

  3. wendy

    May your little grandson continues on the road to being well ? Love your deco’s and hugs to Higgins from me lol

  4. VeggieMummy

    So glad that your Grandson is OK. Your Easter tree looks so tasteful compared to ours! Love your manicure too. Happy Easter to you, Higgins and, of course, his bunny! x

  5. Magic Cochin

    I’m not surprised you feel wobbly! Hope Easter is calm and uneventful (unless it’s something jolly).

    A manicure … something I’ve never had, it would probably put me in an gardening mood and be a complete waste of money!

  6. freespiritdesigns

    I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a stressful time Penny but so glad to hear that your little grandson is back to himself again now.

    Your Easter decorations are beautiful, its a lovely time of year to put decorations up isn’t it 🙂 x

  7. kathrynatcrafternoontreats

    What a scare – but its true, little children bounce back so quickly… its the adults who have the angst and worry! I hope Easter is a lot more relaxing. Your Easter decs look lovely and the nails are fab. I love manicures and nice nails – I don’t have many vices but nails and yarn are definitely two of my weaknesses! xxxx Happy Easter xxxx

  8. Myth illogical

    It’s such a scare when a little one is poorly, they do bounce back so quickly, but the worry definitely stays with the grown ups. Glad to hear he’s doing better though. I’m afraid my happy post isn’t cheerful in the traditional sense either!
    I do love your spotty nails 🙂

  9. Corrie

    I’m sorry to hear about this, it must have been terrifying. Fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again and that your grandson just goes from strength to strength from now on.

    I love your manicure, and love the idea of the Easter tree! I really want to sort our flat out so I can do season decorating, but for now I’m living vicariously through people like you 🙂

  10. lapaylor

    I love that color nail polish!! The dots are fun and festive. I also just saw that deer head at a shop in Lancaster, too funny! Linking up for the first time with you to try it! Thank you so much for hosting the party. I’m headed over to check out your pages. LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  11. Coco-Jayne

    Hi Penny – hope you had a nice Easter and things are now more settled. Love the spotty nail design!

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