Pondering on Autumn days…

Autumn Days in Norfolk

Autumn in the UK is a constant source of surprise.

One day it feels like the sun hasn’t even risen, the gloom and rain is unrelenting and all you want to do is to snuggle up inside by the with a hot drink, a good book and a little woolly project. Oh, and in my case, a warm dachshund!)

And then another day will dawn and all you want to do is to dash of to the beach – again with small dog in tow – and breath in some fresh air and listen to the waves shooshing on the sand.

So this has been the week on Planet Penny.  The wet days and the gloomy days have made persuading Higgins out of the door quite a challenge and I don’t think he appreciates the delights of the autumn hedgerows AT ALL, but I do…

Autumn hedgerow - Nightshade berriesAutumn leavesMin dachshund in coatBut then the sun came out, and after a couple of hours battling with a large overgrown honeysuckle in the garden, Higgins and I headed off to the seaside to catch the last of the Autumn light…Autumn on the Norfolk coastWaxham 6It’s amazing to get there when it’s completely deserted, just me and a little dog, who just runs and runs and runs, and get a bit frustrated when I don’t join in!

miniature dachshundI spend a lot of the time with my head down looking for treasures, sea glass which is a rare find here…sea glassBrightly coloured seaweed…seaweed on the autumn beachjust appreciating the colours of the sea…Waxham 4The clocks go back this weekend, I hate losing the evening light, don’t you, so these Autumn excursions will become even more precious.

And talking of the dark evenings, have you entered the giveaway for the Dayight Lamp yet?  I’ve really enjoyed reading your comments about what you love best about Winter but there’s still some time left to join in, just enter HERE for a chance to win.

Here’s sending you sun filled Autumn days, and cosy crafty Autumn nights by the fire!

See you soon…x

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13 thoughts on “Pondering on Autumn days…

  1. Saoirsé

    Ha! Dash off to the beach with the ‘dashund’ LOVE it! And your beautiful autumn pictures… the beach and shell pictures are lovely – how I love a bit of sea-glass! Greetings from Hastings on the South Coast.

  2. christinalfrutiger

    What a lovely post on your beautiful seaside Autumn day! Love that lil Higgins. And love from Sophie…Higgins’ American sister dachshund! 🙂

  3. Celia

    Oh how I wish I lived closer to the seaside, it takes almost 2 hours to drive across Suffolk or Essex or Norfolk to reach the coast.
    I’m not one of those who yearn for sunshine – though I love it when it is sunny, especially when it illuminates the beautiful Autumn colours.
    I’ll be happy working in my studio in the late afternoon darkness. It’s lovely working in a pool of light from my desk lamp, surrounded by dark, hearing the Owls hoot in the Yew trees outside.

  4. Toffeeapple

    Your honeysuckle fruits have formed a natural garland, isn’t it lovely? As is dear little Higgins. I do enjoy looking at a seascape, thank you Penny.

  5. Sue

    Lucky you to live so near the sea! I hope Higgins appreciates it too – looks like he does. Beautiful photos from top to bottom in this post, Penny.

    Have a lovely Autumn and don’t let the shortening days get you down. Less than 2 months to go before they start getting longer again! 🙂

  6. Sue

    Whoa – don’t know what happened to that last paragraph. What I actually typed was: “Don’t let the shortening days get you down. Less than 2 months before they start getting longer again!” 😀

  7. Sue

    Don’t let the shortening days get you down – less than 2 months before they start etc. Hope it sticks this time!

  8. pennygj Post author

    Hello Annie… No, Higgins runs away from the sea just as fast as he can if he sees a wave coming! Strangely, though he loves the pools that form and is quite happy to wade in. He’s very careful not to go out of his depth, though, and keeps his very tippytoes just touching the bottom. However, while his front claws are just making contact, his back end is floating and bobs along very amusingly. He is a source of constant amusement! P x

  9. pennygj Post author

    Hello Sue, I’m glad you liked the photos. We’ve had a few lovely Autumn days here, I’m trying hard to think positively. I really love the way the colour of the leaves seems to glow with their own light, even on quite dull days. Raining today, but the fire is lit and that’s always a compensation for darker days. Have a lovely Autumn too, thanks for being a good bloggy friend! P x

  10. pennygj Post author

    It’s light more than sunshine I miss in the Autumn/Winter months, Celia, but I too love the golden glow from the turning leaves. Our owls are a bit coy, and I don’t usually hear them until I’m in bed! P x

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