That September Term Feeling…

The start of the September Term… (Higgins…who chewed my pencil case?)

September Term - back to school for Higgins the dachshund!That September term feeling.  It never goes away really.  By the time you’ve done umpteen years at school yourself, and then however many with children buying shoes and sewing on name tapes then it’s sort of ingrained in one’s psyche.  (I DO need a new pencil case!)

So it’s a good time to start something new and inspiring, to make something happen.

To that end I have signed up to the Business Bakery’s 100 Day Goal which started on 1st September.   If you’ve not heard of it, the 100 day Goal is a fantastic way of giving procrastinators like me some much needed oomph and focus instead of just drifting along.  I’ve been adrift for sometime!

So, my goal is to give Planet Penny a bit of spit and polish, and possibly a sprinkle of glitter.  I’ve been blogging since 2007, definitely time for a spring clean.  You might find my 100 days of actions just a teensy bit tedious if I list them, but I hope as the weeks go by you will notice some differences, and spot a few sparkles!  And of course, any feedback will be gratefully received.

Do you get that September term feeling?  It’s much easier to make new plans at this time of year whilst you’re still shaking sand out of your shoes.  Not during the dank days of January when you are trying to eat the remains of the Christmas cake and left over toffees in the Quality Street tin!  (or maybe that’s just me!)

See you soon…x

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7 thoughts on “That September Term Feeling…

  1. Gabriella Buckingham

    I can so relate to this as you know Penny! I wonder if we actually write down to do lists that it just all looks so daunting that we give up.. I think a few things a day is probably enough. But then you can’t escape the feeling that there’s a hidden list somewhere! Good luck and I look forward to seeing what you do on the illustration course you mentioned to me. x

  2. Rhian

    Like you I still have that feeling that beginning of September school term is time for something new. I work in FE and still look forward to new pens, note books and a new academic diary, although the stress remains the same every year. I do love Autumn as it draws me in to its colours and aromas and is very inspiring – fungi and mushrooms are on my art agenda at the moment, although not sure in which way a project will ‘mushroom’. ?

  3. Teje

    Hi Penny and Higgins! I also need a new pencil case! I feel the same for autumn, start of a new season with new ‘stuff’… hmm I want to make new notebook cover. 100 day goal sounds great! But you know what, I’m already worried that my favourite season, autumn goes very quickly and soon starts all the Christmas fuzzling. Perhaps because we have still hot summer weather and often autumn is very short. Looking for to hear soon again from you! Hugs to you and Higgins! x Teje

  4. Faith Ryder

    I definitely get that September feeling and somehow it all ties in with the need for new stationery…but then I could buy new stationery every week given the chance, especially a new note pad with dividers and coloured sections and things….I’m always sure that the next notepad is going to be the one that sorts my disorganisation out!

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