Hello December!

Such an age since I was last here, but for various reasons November became a little manic.  But December is here and I wanted to say hi and a thank you for all your visits and support.  Planet Penny has just gone over one million views, which is HUGE!
December marigolds

Here in Norfolk we have been enjoying the most beautiful late Autumn weather. Bright skies and frost, and fabulous colours.

December berries

December Skies
December lichen
And it’s encouraging to realize that after the 21st of this month, the days start getting longer again!

I thought it would be nice to start the first day of December with something cheerful from the Make Today Happy blog, the Act of Kindness Advent Calendar.  Hop on over and find out what you can do to make people happy this month.  The world needs this more than ever at the moment!

I’ll be back soon with some more December cheerfulness…x

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4 thoughts on “Hello December!


    “manic” is a good word… ;-} However, for me, it usually begins around Labour Day! …and, keeps on going…
    I’m counting down the days to SOLSTICE as well! “Daylight-Savings” is a crock! Popping Vitamin-D tablets is probably the only thing keeping me “sane”-[ish]..?
    Anyhoo, great cheery pics!
    Thanks for that!

  2. VeggieMummy

    Such beautiful photos, I’m looking forward to the days getting longer too; they’re depressingly short at the moment. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  3. Alison

    We have had some amazing pinks in the skies over the last few days. Love the way the sun is coming through your clouds and the vast expanse of grass.

  4. Sue

    It’s been manic here too. Wow, you ARE having a stunning autumn! Love those flowers and your stunning photos.

    Congratulations on a million pageviews. That’s a huge number! Hope you have a great December. 🙂

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