Carnival Cotton Crochet Bunting Pattern©

Carnival Crochet Bunting Pattern

This is my own Crochet Bunting Pattern (UK abbreviations) in Carnival colours which I hope you will enjoy using.  If you would like to download a PDF pattern you can find it here Planet Penny Carnival Crochet Bunting

I made this using the entire collection of  Planet Penny Cotton colours keeping  each individual  ‘flag’ within a close colour range rather than a contrast.  It’s a basic ‘Granny’ triangle with the sides elongated, Isosceles rather than Equilateral!

Round 1: Into a ‘magic circle’* work 2 ch, (stands as 1st tr) 2 tr, 3ch 3tr, 3ch twice. Ss into top of starting ch. Fasten off, pull up ‘magic ring,

Round 2: Join next colour in any ch sp, work 2 ch(stands as 1st tr) 2tr,2ch, 3tr. In next ch sp work 3tr,2 ch, 4 tr. In last ch sp work 4tr, 2ch, 4 tr. Work 1 tr in 1st ch sp, join with ss into top of starting ch. Fasten off.

Round 3: Join next colour in ch sp between 4tr and 3tr and work 2ch, (stands as 1st tr) 2tr,  3 tr in next ch sp, 3 tr, 2ch, 4tr in corner ch sp, 4 tr in next ch sp,4tr  2c 4 tr in point, 4tr in side sp, 4tr, 2ch, ss into top of starting ch. Fasten off.

Round 4: Join in 1st colour and work 1 round dc working 3dc in each corner and point. Fasten off.  Darn in ends.

Make tassels by winding yarn round three fingers about 12 times. Tie off at one end leaving a tail to stitch with, and again short distance below 1st knot. Cut loop. Make one for each  ‘flag’ and stitch to bottom point.

Join each ‘flag’ with a few stitches in the corner and sew a pretty button on the join.

If required crochet a chain loop or tie on each end of the bunting for fastening.

To make up  the Carnival Crochet Bunting pattern in this range of gorgeous rainbow colours in smooth lustrous 100% mercerized cotton tind it in the Planet Penny Etsy Shop

Carnival Crochet Bunting Pattern

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