Knitted Springtime Egg Cosies©

Knitted egg cosies

I devised these flowery egg cosies to use up oddments of yarn that I had dyed.  After all the effort involved with such pretty results, I didn’t want to waste any of the left overs from my crochet scarf.

Springtime Egg Cosies


Oddments of 4 ply wool 3.5mm needles 3.5mm crochet hook


In main colour cast on 40 stitches.  Knit 4 rows k.1p.1 rib or 4 rows moss stitch.

Knit 12 rows s.s.


Row 1. k5 k 2tog tbl.  rep to last 5 sts, k5 (34sts)

Row 2. and every even row, purl

Row 3. k4  k 2tog tbl.  rep to last 5 Sts, k5 (30sts)

Row 5. k3 k 2tog tbl.  rep to end  (24sts)

Row 7. k2 k2tog tbl rep to end  (18sts)

Row9. k1k2tog tbl rep to end (12sts)

Row 10. p2 tog to end (6sts)

Row 11. break off yarn leaving enough yarn to thread through remaining stitches and for stitching seam.

Crochet Flowers  make three

Start with 2 chain stitches.

Into first chain loop make 1 dc, *1 tr, 1 d tr, 1 tr 1 dc rep from *3 times more to make 4 petals. Slip stitch into chain loop and pull yarn through leaving a tail to stitch with.


Cast on 6 stitches using 2 needle method  then cast off 6 stitches to make one leaf. Repeat  three times to make three leaves.  Pull yarn through to finish then use yarn to gather the base together leaving enough for stitching.

Making up.

Stitch side seam.

Arrange leaves on top of cosy and stitch to the centre.

Arrange flowers as desired and use yarn tails to stitch in place.  Take all yarns to wrong side of cosy, finish off and cut off tails.

Click the link below for a Downloadable PDF.

Springtime Egg Cosies PDF Pattern


P.S. I am very happy to share this pattern with anyone for their own personal use but not for commercial reward, thanks.

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