A Pick’n’Mix Handmade Monday…

Hello, Good Morning and Happy Monday!  I hope the sun is shining where you are.  It’s a perfect Autumnal morning here, bright low sun, and frostiness.  The weekend’s strong winds have subsided, and now the last few leaves have been whipped off the cherry trees, the sun can stream in through the french doors unhindered.

I must admit to being very, very tired! There are times when the only way to have a bit of fun and life is to ignore all the ‘management’ advice about M.E., go for it, and pick up the pieces afterwards, which may take a while…

However, enough of all that…

Would you like to see some pictures?  I’ve got lots, but I’ll try not to go over the top!  If you want to find out more about any of the lovelies that you see, click on Pick ‘n’ Mix Makers Market in the side bar for the details.

My stall will look very familiar since I’ve featured most of my makes on here at some time…

But here are some of the rest…

We were next door to a lady selling beautiful glass pieces, but can you see who is modelling in the background?

…and I discovered she too was a member of the Dachshund fan club, and I met Monty!

Always a popular theme!

I suffered some serious yarn love looking at these…

…aren’t they gorgeous? I wish I suited a hat!

I did buy some lovely raspberry yarn from High Fibre, which I will show you when I have knitted it up, and some jolly Christmas cards from Gabriella, whose whole stall was an explosion of Jolliness!

(and where you will also find dachshunds!)

If you want to see the whole thing from another angle, pop over to Purple Podded Peas where Celia Hart has posted the day from her perspective…

The only new make I have to show you is the Robin brooch.  I made one for Kit and one for me to show where we belonged…

needlefelted robin brooch

but if I’d made lots I think I would have sold them!  I sold all the robin baubles very quickly, I think that thanks to the Kirsty Allsop effect, everyone wants a needlefelted robin this Christmas!

(and that gorgeous necklace is a Silver Pebble creation, created for Kit from the contents of her granny’s button box!)

I had enquiries about the robin baubles before the weekend and will be making more for Folksy but if you’d like some you’d better let me know…

I must stop chatting, I have two men in the garden erecting scaffolding and I’m on tea duty.  Do visit Wendy over on 1st Unique Gifts to find the Linky to all the other participants of Handmade Monday.

See you soon…x

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31 thoughts on “A Pick’n’Mix Handmade Monday…

  1. Handbags by Helen

    That looks like a really nice craft fair – and not a mass produced item in sight! I think i might have spent more than i made if i’d been there.

  2. wendy

    The fair must have been a wonderful place to be at. Everything looks so cheerful and pretty. Fabulous quality – just what handmade should be.

  3. Jam Dalory

    Your stall looks great as does the whole fair. I love seeing pictures like that where everyone looks happy and are having fun. Sounds like you did really well. Well done. Hope you can have a bit of much needed rest soon. x

  4. Carol

    What an exciting trip round your craft fair, every stall was so colourful and really crafty looking which makes a change these days.
    Oh yes, loved your robin, better than kirsty’s actually.

  5. Penelope

    It looks like a feast of handmade goodness Penny.I knew your robins would go down a treat,they are like little birdy cherubs.

    It looks like my kind of craft / vintage market, I know I would have spent a fortune there! Loving Monty too and all of Emma’s silver jewelry. may I ask who made those pretty bunnies with the doilies on their dresses,they are just too adorable xox Rest well dearest lovely Penny x

  6. Bobo Bun

    Thanks Penny for writing such a lovely post that really captures the fun spirit and warmth you get when you pack a load of hugely talented people into one room. I really felt what had been my vision for Pick ‘n’ Mix really started to come together on Saturday, just wish there was room for more of the wonderful people who’ve been before. Bigger hall, different venue perhaps?

    Hope you’re feeling a bit more rested now. Hopefully catch up with you in the new year, would be lovely.

    I’m off to post and then email all of you in a bit.

    Lisa x

  7. Gifts by Jenny

    Oh wow! What a wonderful craft fair – there isn’t anything like that around here 🙁
    You are so lucky to have such an inspiring bunch of people to spend your day with – I’m glad it went well! x

  8. Mrs. Micawber

    What an eyeful of beautiful things! I love the name “High Fibre”. I must say the silver necklaces really caught my eye. How fun for you all to be surrounded by so much crafty talent.

  9. Susie

    Everything is so pretty, I felt as if I were there! Thank you for the tour. I always love seeing your wooly goodies, but the glass stuff is such a treat. I can’t believe I haven’t had my kiln out since I was sick last year. 🙂

  10. vanessa

    Your stall looks wonderful Penny, and so do all the others, what a wonderful day! I didn’t know you suffer from ME, so I’m very impressed at how you never complain, and manage to do so much, very impressed at your positive view of life Penny. The photo of Higgins from your archives, what a classic! He should be a poster boy for smooth haired Miniatures! Thank you for showing us all the wonderful stalls Penny, and I hope you had a great day. Vanessa xxx

  11. Geraldine

    Gorgeous robin ! Your creations always have so much character .

    The fair looks wonderful and would have been the perfect one-stop Christmas shop .

  12. Crochet with Raymond

    wow Penny, I’ve missed so many posts! I loved seeing the markets and Oh my goodness, if I were there I would have sent a bomb! Lucky for me you are a long way away! There are arts and crafts markets every saturday where I have just moved to and we are so looking forward to seeing them in two days, hope they come close to there ones!

  13. laura

    Hi Penny,

    Thanks so much for featuring a photo of my glass items, and for also including Monty!He is a bit poorly at the moment,frantic trip to the vet yesterday, but thankfully recovering now.x

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