Bexhill, Hastings…and a little bit of knitting!

After last week’s London adventure you’d think I’d retire for a rest, but no… the very next day we were packing the car to set off to the South Coast for a couple of days in the Bexhill/Hastings area staying with elder son and family.  It was an eventful start.  While I was away Higgins had tried out his ‘Super-Dog’ impression, leaping off the arm of the chair shouting at a passing jogger and landing painfully hard on his little stumpy legs and pulling a muscle.  This involved a trip to the vet before we set out, a rigorous examination to check nothing desperate had been done, and instructions to make sure Higgins took things easy, and No Running About…

What?  We were on our way to stay with his favourite little boys, who live in a house with a garden full of squirrels….

After a long day driving, Friday is not a good day to travel, Higgins had had the equivalent of 24 hours bed rest and was even less likely to do what the doctor ordered when he arrived, but a lot of effort was put into nursing care…

small dog having a cuddle with a small boy

We had a peaceful morning on Saturday, with a spot of craftiness…

hand made birthday cards

and a trip to the park in the afternoon…

learning to ride a bike Bexhill Park

but the next day it was pouring…

Not a day for the beach for anyone.

We spent the morning with a  little bit of knitting…

small dog helping small boy to knit

you just see how helpful Higgins was being!

In the afternoon however, we donned waterproofs and headed to Hastings…

Rainy day in Hastings

I love the area around Rock a Nore in Hastings with it’s strange black fishing huts, and despite the rain found Claire Fletcher‘s great little studio opened for the afternoon full of beautiful bits and pieces, and one I had only that morning been reading about in a copy of Coast magazine…

When the big black doors in the photo are opened, you see this!

Claire Fletcher Open Studio, Hastings

After a little wander around in the teeth of the wind and rain…

Rock a Nore Hastings

Half Sovereign cottage Hastings

Fishing Boats, Hastings

….we reached the Jerwood Gallery which I’ve wanted to visit since it opened.

It’s an amazing exhibition space, and although it is controversially built next to the fishing area of Hastings on The Stade , the sympathetic design means it sits comfortably alongside the black sheds.  Inside, the large plain windows frame the surrounding views, making the town part of the exhibition…

Black sheds in Hastings, seen from Jerwood Gallery

Inside Jerwood Gallery, Hastings

Gary Hume exhibition, Hastings Jerwood Gallery I now wear the badge I bought in Claire’s Studio with pride!

I love Hastings badge

And I did manage a little bit of creativity of my own…You don’t think I went away without my knitting did you?  Unable to find the pattern I made my fingerless mitts from a couple of years ago (if you remember, Higgins ate them!) I devised a new pattern of my own.  Very simple, (and I could knit in the car too, obviously not while driving!)

knitted wrist warmers

but with lots of scope for embellishment…

embroidered wrist warmers

…and so good I made them twice!

I’ve written the pattern, and it’s available for free here, if you’d like to make some too.

So I’ll leave you for now with the link to Handmade Monday over on Handmade Harbour, and I’ll be back soon…x

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31 thoughts on “Bexhill, Hastings…and a little bit of knitting!

  1. TheSequinnedSheep

    What a fantastic blog! I’ve had some very happy holidays near Hastings and love the black fishing huts too! Love the photos you’ve taken of Hastings, bringing back memories for me and making me want to head down there again! Lovely gloves too, am working on a pair of my own design right now, tis the season!

  2. Free Spirit Designs

    wow! so many lovely pictures to look at..

    Higgins is the cutest thing! i bet your Grandsons just adore him 🙂

    Hastings is lovely and i’m glad you got some good weather during your visit..

    your fingerless mittens are gorgeous! i love the yarn that you’ve used and the embellishments finish them off perfectly.. (prepare for another mass download!!!) x

  3. Bev Newman

    Hope poor Higgins is feeling much better. Love the pics from Hastings, we went there a few years ago on holiday and I remember a very long walk down from the cliff top as my daughter got freaked out on the atmospheric railway. Its a lovely quaint town.

  4. Penelope

    Dearest Penny
    What a lovely post showing off Hastings despite the rain! Beautiful pictures of your gorgeous Higgy and Max. It was sooo lovely to see you all last Sunday. I feel so blessed to know you and your beautiful family. Thank you for Alice’s lovely origami gift, she loves it
    Happy and dry? week ahead xox love and hugs xox Penelope

  5. Fiddly fingers

    What an enjoyable post. I’ve seen those strange black fishing huts when we went to Hastings. Wasn’t lucky enough to go inside one though. You appear to have packed an awful lot into a few days! I bet you came back for a rest. Hope Higgins is ok now! He looked very peaceful in the photos!

  6. Bobo Bun

    Lovely to travel with you Penny. Thanks for sharing your time away.

    Sadly we didn’t have time to make it up the coast to Hastings and Bexhill when we last popped down and that was the bit I was most looking forward to.

    Hope Higgins is being a good boy and doing as he should. Little legs aren’t good for making kamikaze leaps.

    Lisa X

  7. Wendy Melling

    What a great week you’ve had! Higgens is adorable, love the cartoon version on your sidebar too.
    Thank you for including your knitting pattern. I know the seasons changing when I start thinking mittens,scarves etc.

  8. Alison

    Thanks for sharing your lovely break.
    What wonderful photos. Your fingerless
    mitts look really pretty with the embroidery detail.
    Ali x

  9. Mrs. Micawber

    How did I miss this post? (Darn Blogger!)

    What a wonderful trip. Ever since we watched Foyle’s War I’ve wanted to visit Hastings. I love the photo through the museum window, with the castle on the top of the hill.

    And the mitts are lovely – so simple and elegant.

    Hope Higgins is feeling better now. 🙂

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