Hearts and Flowers Mobile – The Reveal!

I can’t believe it’s taken me all week to get to the ‘big reveal’ for the Hearts and Flowers Mobile project I was working on last weekend.  I’ve spent a lot of time keeping metaphorical plates spinning and I’m so glad I’ve got the routine  of Handmade Monday to keep me ‘regular’, once a week at least!   I think if I was asked to pick just one piece of advice to give to someone trying to get their head around blogging it would be make a routine, and stick to it.  I know when I started out it was so easy to put off a post and then have so many photos, so many ideas that it would take a huge effort of will to sit down and turn it all into something potentially interesting to someone else.  Right now the mid week post keeps getting put off because of ‘stuff’ getting in the way, but I’m hanging on the the weekend post for dear life until everything settles down a bit.

We’ve had all sorts of weather thrown at us in the UK  over the past days, but I made the most of a brief mild spell to nip into the garden to see what was going on and found these…

snowdrops…with a little help from my friend!

mini dachshund &snowdrops


I love snowdrops.  They look so delicate and yet brave the elements every year to let us know that Springtime will arrive, eventually…

There is an old rhyme which says…

The snowdrop, in purest white array,

First rears it’s head on Candlemas Day.

Candlemas Day falls on the 2nd February, so it must be true!

Back indoors though it was rather a struggle to photograph my Hearts and Flowers Mobile.  Ideally I need a large blank space, a white corner of a room with no distracting background stuff going on.  But I live in a very small cottage, my studio is packed with things and the mobile is just under a metre or 3 feet long so I hope you’ll bear with me…

Hearts and Flowers Crc0het mobile blue


hearts and flowers mobile citrus

Hearts and Flowers mobile top

Hearts and Flowers mobile all 1

Hearts and Flowers Mobile in studio

I’ve used the garland pattern to make the hearts and flowers using the Planet Penny Cotton colours (the pattern and yarns are  available from the Etsy shop).  I’m very happy that it worked out exactly as I had pictured it, and that doesn’t happen very often!

It’s triggered another idea, so I hope I get time to make a start this week.  My other ongoing project is building a website for our entry in this year’s Norfolk and Norwich Open Studios.  This will be the third year that I and my friend Kit Calladine the printmaker will be taking part, but this time we are part of an art trail with six other local artists which is very exciting.   Before long I will put a link to the website so you can find out all about us, and hopefully some of you may even pay us a visit!

And this also means I must return to the felting needle.  I have a plan for a piece for the Taster Exhibition but it is very easy to have the image in your head for so long that you forget you haven’t actually made it yet!

So altogether I have quite a bit to keep me out of mischief , and I promise I won’t forget to call back here to tell you all about it!

Meanwhile, I shall leave you with a link to Handmade Harbour where after 6pm this evening (UK time) you will find lots of other busy crafters and makers taking part in Handmade Monday.

I’ll be back soon…x


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46 thoughts on “Hearts and Flowers Mobile – The Reveal!

  1. Toffeeapple

    That is a lovely mobile. But then, so are the Snowdrops and Higgins too…

    It looks like it took a lot of work to get the mobile just so, well done, it does look good.

  2. Penelope

    My goodness Penny, I feel a little like that with my job and juggling 101 projects and developments, fortunately its not the case with my creating, I only have 2 projects on the go at the moment and am trying to curb any new ideas as I’m not sure i would cope! Love your happy heart and spring flower mobile, it’s glorious Planet Penny creation and you cannot but smile when you see those stunning cotton colours.
    Higgins has good taste in sniffing out flowers, snow drops have to be my second best, it’s Lily of the Valley that will always remain my number one.
    Take care and hope you find some time to relax in amongst all the business x P

  3. Marigold

    Your things are always so cheery and bright. Gives one a lift just to come and take a look! No Snowdrops here yet, but thank you for the gratuitous shot of your helper. 🙂

  4. Free Spirit Designs

    wow, wow, wow!! Your mobile is so so pretty and wonderfully cheerful too as your makes always are in your lovely rainbow cottons 🙂

    Sounds like you’re ‘good’ busy 🙂 I’m glad you are still finding time for your weekend blog post, it is lovely to hear you news and see your beautiful pictures!

    We have some snow drops too although they haven’y opened yet.. they’re so lovely aren’t they 🙂

  5. Fran

    I think the snow drops and the hearts and flowers mobile are gorgeous. I love its colours and the shape.

  6. Adaliza

    Super mobile – so pretty. Has your background grown leaves this week? It’s looking more springlike and the snowdrops are definitely making me think it won’t be long till the garden’s all green again!

  7. Wendy Melling

    I keep telling myself Spring must be on its’ way soon. Especially since I found a clump of snowdrops in our garden too.
    The colours of your mobile are like a rainbow, and so effective!
    Wendy x

  8. CatkinJane

    Wonderful mobile, the array of colours would brighten any space.
    Snowdrops haven’t quite made it out here, but I was still passing snow when I was out yesterday!

  9. Mrs. Micawber

    The mobile is perfect in every way – and I think the backgrounds suit it perfectly.

    Higgins has a nose for beauty, doesn’t he?

    It is hard to stick to a blogging schedule – I’ve been struggling with that for months and months, especially when in designing mode. Everything else just goes out the window. Thanks for the reminder.

    Good luck with all your upcoming events! 🙂

  10. jocreaseyj

    I love the ideas you come up with to display your crochet.The hearts and flowers mobile is so beautiful,you’ve inspired me to have a go myself.
    Thank you for sharing your creativity!

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  13. sandra

    I live in the united states and cant get Molly Makes….Are there instructions for making this hearts and flowers mobile?

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  15. jenn

    this mobile is incredible but i’m also loving your mouse clock in the background! you are incredibly talented 🙂

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