Box of Delights – The Results

Good Morning! I hope your morning is as beautiful as ours is today…
hyacinths in Spring ukVery frosty first thing, but gorgeously bright and sparkly.

So it’s a good day to be awarding prizes.  Firstly I have to say thank you again for the wonderful comments, it really has been heart lifting, and makes me feel another 500 posts may well be possible.  I wish I could write to each and every one of you but there were 100 entries!

And I always feel bad when I do a giveaway because I can’t give something to everyone so I decided to add in four extra runners up to spread the delight a little further.  In the past I have used my trusty helper to draw a winning name.  We used a basket once…

mini dachshund drawing winning ticket…and of course the hat…

Mini Dachsie & winning ticket…but it involved a lot chasing around to find out who’s name actually came out of the hat…

mini dachsie winning ticket…and it’s awfully damp and spitty.  Also, there were so many this time…

list for Box of Delights…that I used the Random Number Generator which involves no chasing, and no chewed paper. So without further ado, and a big drum roll I am very pleased to announce that the winning number was 96 and the Box of Delights goes to Pennie, in East Sussex.  The four runners up are number 14 – Sue Cambell in Alabama, number 15 – Cindy Wilson in Canada, Number 46 – Toffeeapple of Buckinghamshire and 48 – Linda Thorpe of Norfolk.

I shall share the runners-up prizes as I create them, it’s sparked another idea!  Thank you all again for taking part.

And thank you too for all the supportive and concerned comments regarding our adventure with the fire last week.  Everything is tidy and soot free in the room now and I’ve pinned a dust sheet over the fireplace as we await builders’ estimates.  It’s not going to be a quick job, alas, Higgins and I are both snuggled under blankies in the evening now!

dachsie in a blanketSee you soon…!



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8 thoughts on “Box of Delights – The Results

  1. Amy at love made my home

    Congratulations to the winners, I can imagine that the random number generator is easier to operate, but the basket and hat method looks like lots of fun! Glad that you are ok after the fire incident. I hope that you can get it sorted out soon. xx

  2. Vera Melchert

    The most delight ever is to see Mr. Higgins. My daughter used to have one dog just like him. He stayed at my house for three years and was a frequent visitor. Now that he is gone I miss him very much. It´s very nice to see your Mr. Higgins.

  3. cleopiti

    Great ! Congratulations to the winners too.
    May be next time…
    Thanks for all your post, I really love to read them !!!

  4. Pennie

    Thank you to the random generator for coming up with the winner – me! I’m MORE than delighted regardless of what I receive – I love a box!

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