Join in with Happy Friday!

Hello, and welcome to the very first Planet Penny Happy Friday!

As I said last week, this is our chance to lift the winter blues by sharing images which made you happy during the week just past.  It can be anything you like, any special moment you have captured and would like to share.  If you’d like to elaborate in words, that’s absolutely fine! So this is how to join in…

1. Pick one special moment that made you smile, and write a Happy Friday post of your own, mentioning Planet Penny Happy Friday.  That way your readers will find their way to the Linky and the other posts.

2. Add your own post to the Linky below which will take readers from this blog to your own.  It’s a fun way to discover new blogs, and maybe gain some extra followers of your own. 

3.Add the badge below to your blog or post or wherever so people know what Happy Friday is all about.



You can also join in via Instagram with the hash tag #PlanetPennyHappyFriday.

This is my special moment of the week, spotted on the notice board at my mum’s care home.

A visit from Santa - Happy Friday

It’s not technically a great photo, but  to see my mum looking happy on Christmas Day after everything which has been going one means so much.

(She also told me, with great delight, that when Father Christmas perched on the arm of her chair, he sat on the control which makes the whole thing go up and down, tip forward etc and nearly deposited them both on the floor!) 

So I’m really looking forward to seeing your Happy Friday images…

The Linky goes live from midday on Friday 9th January…

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13 thoughts on “Join in with Happy Friday!

  1. cleopiti

    Sorry, for me and for many people, this week can’t have an “Happy Friday” because of the death of 12 french of Charlie Hebdo on 7th January.

    Je suis Charlie. Nous sommes Charlie.

    Have a nice and sweet day.

  2. Laura

    Lovely memory to have with Santa!
    Whilst I agree with Cleopiti that what has happened this week is horrendous I think it is really important to always find something positive to hold on to.
    Thanks for doing this Penny, I’m looking forward to seeing other peoples happies!

  3. Alison

    My happy this morning, was seeing my grandson shuffling around his lounge. He will not crawl and is just doing a funny shuffle!!!

  4. VeggieMummy

    Hi – I did a ‘Friday Happies’ post, rather than a single photo; hope that’s OK. I might get the hang of it by next week! Love the photo of your Mum and Santa! x

  5. Lilly's Mom

    It’s so nice to see your dear mother smiling with Santa. I posted a funny picture of my cat Lilly as she wrote My blog post this week. My prayers go out to the people in France.

  6. Toffeeapple

    How lovely to see you Mum happy and smiling, even if she did have an impromptu ride with Santa!

  7. wendy

    A lovely happy picture of your mum and reminds us to enjoy such simple things even when crazy stuff is going on around us….love this idea….

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