Knitted Wrist Warmer Pattern – Very Easy ©

Very easy knitted wrist warmer pattern, fiinished with embroidery and buttons…

very easy wrist warmer pattern from Planet Penny

Wrist Warmer Pattern

Knitted Wrist Warmer Pattern in DK yarn. No shaping, so ideally suited to any one with basic knitting and crochet skills.

Materials:1 ball DK yarn (I used Freedom ‘Spirit’ by Twilleys of Stamford) pair 4mm knitting needles (USA 6): 4mm crochet hook: yarn needle

Tension: 22sts and 28 rows over 10cm square

Abbreviations: k: knit, p: purl, st: stitch, sl: slip, rep: repeat, ss: slip stitch, dc: double crochet (English abbreviations)


Cast on 40 st.

Row 1: Knit

Row 2: sl 1, purl to last st, k1.

Row 3: sl 1, k to end.

Row 4: sl 1, p to last st, k1.

Rows 5 – 60: Rep rows 3 & 4.

(by slipping the 1st st and knitting the last one on each row you will create a neat even edge which is much easier to sew up, or to pick up stitches)

Cast off knit wise.

Make 2.

To Make Up.

Fold the knitting half vertically right sides together, match the 2 edges and pin. (pinning at right angles to the knitting prevents distortion) stitch from cast off edge for 3cm and fasten off.  Measure 6cm from the fastening off point (thumb opening) then stitch to this point from the cast on edge. (using the ‘tails’ from the knitting to stitch with)

Using the 4mm crochet hook, join the yarn at the bottom of the thumb opening with a ss and crochet into the edge, working 10 dc up one side of the opening and 10dc down the other side. Join with a ss and fasten off, crochet or darn in ends.

For the scalloped top, join the yarn with a ss at the seam edge and work 1 dc into same space.  *Make 3 ch, miss 2 st, 1 dc into 2nd row down from cast off edge.  Rep from * round the  the cast off edge  and join with a ss.  Fasten off and crochet or darn in ends.

Click on the link below to print off the pattern…

Planet Penny Wrist Warmer Pattern PDF

detail of scallop edge on Planet Penny wrist warmerss

Leave plain..

Simple knitted Wrist warmer Pattern from Planet Penny

or embellish as desired with embroidery and buttons, or even pompoms or tassels!

wool embroidery with buttons

knitted wrist warmer pattern from Planet Penny Pattern

wool embroidery detail from Planet Penny Pattern

I hope you like this simple Wrist Warmer Pattern, so easy you can make a pair to match everything in your wardrobe!

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  2. Yvonne May

    Easy to follow instructions and great wristwarmers – I love these! Thank you so much for sharing your pattern.

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