Day Two of the ‘Virtual’ Advent Calendar!

I’ve had lots of encouraging comments about my Christmas blogging marathon, a post a day for the virtual Advent Calendar until Christmas Eve, thank you all very much!  (And if you’ve just discovered what I’m up to, scroll down to end of this post and find Day One’s crafty wrapping ideas…)

Today is all about my celebratory Giveaway for my 5 years living on Planet Penny, and I’ve deliberated long and hard to think of something everyone can enjoy,  whether you are a maker, or someone who just appreciates what is made.  So the prize is ready made, and part of it is the Advent Calendar make for today.

Having spent so much time with my Rainbow collection of yarn I thought it would be good to celebrate that with colourful tree decorations, so I have made some mini balls of yarn complete with tiny knitting needles.

mini balls of yarn with needles

These look lovely on the Christmas tree…

mini balls of yarn on tree for Advent Day 2

…but are far too pretty and colourful to hide away for the rest of the year. Can you imagine them strung on a line adorning someone’s crafting corner, or hanging round the edge of a lampshade perhaps?

mini balls in Planet Penny yarns for Advent day 2

They are simple to make if you want to do your own.  I used a small polystyrene ball as a base and glued the yarn on to start with.  Then you just wind round carefully until the base is hidden and the ball is the size you want.  Glue the tail back on itself to form the hanger.  The needles are made from cocktail sticks with beads on the end and pushed through the ball…simples!

But you can win your own if you enter the Give-away  Prize Draw!

The next part of the prize has to be needlefelt don’t you think?  It’s been so much of what I do.  So this too could be yours…

needlefelt Mouse for Advent day 2

..a little Christmas Mousie…

Christmas Mouse for Advent Day 2

And finally, I’d like to include a book, and this time there’s a choice.  It could be a copy of ‘Knitting on the Road’…

…if you are a knitter.  There are some beautiful and unusual patterns from around the world…

Oslo Sock for Advent Day 2

Sock pattern from Tallinn Advent Day 2

Or if sewing’s more your thing, there’s  ‘Zakka Style’…

This has some stylish and unusual designs which are very appealing…

Zakka Style Message board

Zakka Style

…or if you or  someone in your family would prefer to snuggle up with a good read you could choose this…

Haunters by Thomas Taylor

…which will be signed by the author, Thomas Taylor,  just for you.  I know him quite well!  (You can find out more about Thomas, the book and how we know each other from this post)

So to recap, the prize is –

  • 14 hanging ornaments – mini rainbow balls of yarn with knitting needles
  • a Christmas needlefelt mouse with hat and bell
  • And a choice of one of three books

And what do you have to do to have a chance of winning?  I didn’t want to make things complicated so all you have to do is follow me in some way.  You can subscribe by Email in the little box at the top of the left hand column.  If you do that already there’s also the choice of Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.  And then just leave a comment on this post or any other of the Advent posts to let me know so I can add you to the list.  You only have to do one thing, but if you sign up for more than that you get more chances!

If you sign up to follow me on any of the other sites, please let me know via a blog comment so I don’t miss you off the list! 

This will run until after Christmas to give every one as much of a chance as possible to take part and I will make the draw via a Random Number Generator in the week between Christmas and New Year.  In the meantime, do call back and find out what happens next on the Crafty Christmas Countdown Calendar!

See you soon…!

P.S.  Don’t forget to call over to Handmade Monday  to see what else is going on in the crafty world!


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89 thoughts on “Day Two of the ‘Virtual’ Advent Calendar!

  1. Rainbow Junkie

    Of course I love your little balls of yarn and the mouse is so cute too.

    I already follow you through email but I don’t do Facebook or Pinterest or Twitter. Does that count?

  2. Joan

    Oh. What an unusual idea! All those little balls of wool…..and you’re right…I wouldn’t be able to put them away after Xmas! Love the wee moussie too! Books as well. I think I’d love the knitting or cookery book if there’s a choice. I feel full of Xmas cheer. You’ve helped such a lot! Thanks. Joan

  3. Hannah

    Lovely idea Penny and happy 5th blog-iversary! I’ve followed you on Pinterest as I already ‘like’ your FB page. Good luck with the Advent blogging x

  4. Marigold

    You are SO clever! How do you manage to come up with so many astoundingly cute ideas? Love your Advent Calender idea. It is such fun to look forward to every day! Thank you!

  5. Penelope

    Absolutely adorable Penny.I was just looking at Emma from Silverpebble’s Etsy page last week thinking how much I would love her silver knitting needles in a silver ball of yarn. I love thatyou have continued to encompass your rainbow yarn theme into Christmas. So clever xox P Loving your daily posts x

  6. threadsnshreds

    How exciting, what great prizes. The little yarn balls are so cute, and the needle felt mouse is adorable!
    I already follow you on twitter and now follow on facebook too!

  7. Trish

    I have always read your posts, you are in my bookmarks but I have subscribed now too. A much better idea then I won’t miss any of them 🙂
    The mini balls of yarn are so cute and so simple. But the choice of books will be tricky!!

  8. Free Spirit Designs

    awwww your little Christmas mousie is adorable!!! I love the idea of the yarn decorations too – they would certainly brighten the place up at any time of year 🙂

    I am already following you on fb, twitter and pinterest but i’m following your blog by email now too – its one of those things that i would have done if i’d have stopped to think about it so thanks for the reminder!! x

  9. wendy

    A simply gorgeous giveaway. I’m not a knitter, but I adore the balls of wool with needles. And the mouse!!! Too cute. I think I follow you everywhere, I could probably be accused of stalking 😉

  10. Handbags by Helen

    oo, where to start. There’s so much going on in this blog post! I love your idea of yarn-bombing your Christmas tree. No tree for the HbyH household (we’ll be away), but i hope i remember that idea for next year.

  11. knitnrun4sanity

    What a lot of excellent ideas. I really love the balls of wool (who wouldn’t?), the idea of an advent post is brilliant (but also maybe a bit mad being the busiest time of the year?) I look forward to seeing what you come up with. As for the giveaway…. that seems more than generous. I follow you on twitter so please can that count as an entry?

  12. Teje

    Hi Penny! Amazing idea as usually from you! I love those little yarn balls! And the mouse of course! Your give away presents are wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to post every day and to share your lovely ideas! I follow you in twitter and your blog with my blogger reader. I’m still trying to find words for the Linkd…
    x Teje

  13. greenrabbitdesigns

    The little balls of wool are such a clever idea and oh my goodness that little mouse is so cute. 🙂
    I already follow you on Facebook and I’ve just started following you on Pinterest.
    Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂
    Vivienne x

  14. Marjolein van Dorsser

    I just love this idea! So sweet, and generous I might add… Wonderfull prizes, would love to win anyone of them. But am quite happy if anyone else wins. Am still interested in buying the rainbow yarn, but I have so many unfinished projects that I cannot (yet) justify another purchase. But I will…. There’s a birhtday coming up so presents to buy. Lovely month December! Sinterklaas (dutch equivalent of Santa Claus) on December 5th. birtday 1 on 10, Xmas and birthday 2 on 25 … ho ho ho

    Anyway I am looking forward to your advent plans!

    Follow you already on FB and by email, so I’ll stay up to date 😉

  15. Liz

    WOW – What a great big present. It is huge. I would like to win even one of the little knitting balls with the titchy needles so please, count me in.

    PS. I am using your Cotton Club tonight to make snowflakes from Matt’ lovely blog and they are looking very sweet.

    Liz x

  16. fatmonica

    I love those knitting ball decorations.What a fabulous idea!I love the look of that sock book-it’s just the sort of inspiration I need to start knitting again!Thought I was following you but am not sure now so will hop over to FB.Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Alessandra

    Your mini rainbow balls are really gorgeous! I love the idea that you can have them hanging all year around!!! thank you for sharing your tut, too!!!
    If I have to choose a book, I definitely go for Thomas’s one, please!!
    I’ve liked you on Facebook!!!
    Thank you and have a good week,
    xxx Ale

  18. knutty knitter

    I’ve already passed you on to a few others as I’m part of a group 🙂 I do like the look of that book on knitting socks and may well have a go at those teensy little knitting needles and balls – they are really cute! So is the mouse.

    Viv in nz

  19. Mrs. Micawber

    Would you believe I had the exact same idea for yarn-ball ornaments? (But I couldn’t figure out how to do the needles or hooks – your mini needles are brilliant.)

    I would LOVE to be entered in your fab drawing. Since one of my goals for 2013 is to conquer my fear of knitting socks, perhaps the sock book would be good inspiration for me.

    P.S. I’m really entering for that mouse. 🙂

  20. Andrea Caracol handmade

    Penny, the hanging yarn balls are awsome! Perfect for us obsessive knitters and our craft corners! 🙂 I already get your emails and already follow you in facebook and pinterest so I started following you on twitter to enter the giveaway since that was the only one left! But I’m thinking I might be too far away…doesn’t matter I’m loving the advent calendar posts 🙂 Hugs from Mexico!

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  22. Gillian

    An avid follower on Facebook and now I’ve just signed up for the e-mails, which is nice, as your feed was getting buried. Love all your work! the mouse is adorable, but your multi-coloured birds on the branches is my favorite!

  23. Suz in LA

    Since I’ve just started on Pinterest I’ve followed you there. Just adore the wee mousie and those yarn balls are lovely- I might try making some for a friend who knits 🙂


  24. Alison

    The little knitting balls are brilliant! I’ve been following by email for quite a while and I am now following on Facebook. Will look forward to your daily post!

  25. A Wooly Tale

    Those yarn ornaments are brilliant and so pretty! Thank you for the tutorial, I will certainly have to give them a go! I also love the needle felted mouse, he is so, so cute…I love needle felting, it’s very good for the soul i think ;)What a fantastic prizes, I am now following you by email and would love the chance to win! Have a great week!

  26. Martha

    wow, love the yarn and knitting needles baubles. what a fab colour spectrum and they look so original on the xmas tree! well done!

    you got me interested into the knitting book! thanks! i’ll trying finding it on the web.

  27. Helen

    Penny those decorations are ace, what a fab idea! Jthat book looks really interesting too. Good luck with blogging every day! I’ll try and keep up lol

  28. Bobo Bun

    Hi Penny

    Hope you’re well and all’s going along ticketyboo.
    I love the knitting baubles, so original and very you. I think of you often as I see so many Daschund crafty things here and there.


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  30. Gina

    I think I follow you on Facebook (and possibly twitter) Penny and although you are in my Google reader none of your advent posts have appeared until today when I got all nine at once. I don’t understand!

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  32. wendy

    Hi Penny, wonderful decorations and you always come up with such fun things. I follow here, facebook and higgins of course….even have family members watching him lol

  33. Jo

    The litte mouse is adorable! I follow you on Facebook and Twitter, and also get emails when you create a new blog post… I love Planet Penny!

  34. Jo

    The little mouse is adorable! I follow you on Facebook and Twitter, and also get emails when you create a new blog post… I love Planet Penny!

  35. Wilhelmina Margalis

    I love the mousie!! I follow your blog via email, facebook and pinterest! Love the knitting on the road book too!!!

  36. Suze Lindsay

    Just signed up to follow you. LOVE the mini balls of wool. So pretty! Looking forward to reading the forthcoming advent posts, plus nosying on past posts!

  37. Jacqui Jeffries

    I have been following you ever since you introduced your beautiful rainbow mice to the world. I love your work and I would love if you could give a tutorial on felting. I’d love to have a go but wouldn’t know where to start

  38. greedy nan

    I’m following you and have also subscribed to the email updates. I love this idea. I think you must’ve got extra time to everyone else but then if you want something done they do say ask a busy person. Hence, don’t ask me…..

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  40. Linda

    I have followed your blog for several years, follow you on Facebook, am now following you on Pinterest and Twitter. I really want to win!! I have tried to find Haunters in the US ever since it was released but I don’t think it is going to be available until June of 2013. Any of the prizes would be wonderful!!

  41. Alison

    Hi Penny

    I’ve been dropping by your blog on a regular basis for about a year now. It always makes me smile especially when Higgins (or a mousy creation) appears. So I had to try to win Mr Christmas mousie! Thanks for your wonderful blog. Happy Christmas to you, your family and your followers!


  42. Amy

    Beautiful! I already follow you on Facebook & have left a comment but I’m leaving 1 here too! Hope you had a good Christmas. X

  43. Tickled Pink

    I have loved your advent calendar blogging and I also love the little balls of wool – they are fabulous. Have a Happy New Year! xxxxx

  44. nicola

    Ooh, how lovely! Thank you for the opportunity. I’m also following you on Facebook & twitter 🙂 Happy New Year!

  45. Tracey

    I have followed you by email so would love a chance to win your super prizes. Wishing you a wonderful and creative New Year.

  46. Victoria Powley

    Hey Penny, hope you all had a lovelyChristmas!

    Thanks for the idea about the patterned craft tape, my friend loved the idea too, simple yet effective!

    Best wishes for the New Year! xxx

  47. Cazzie

    I follow you on faebook and via your blog – started when I discovered your mouse clock ….. I still have to finish the two kits I brought from you :0)

  48. Melissa G

    Love those little balls of yarn. I think I would have to hang them on the wall like in your picture. They would be a cute decoration for my new craft area!! I think I would have to pick the sewing book.
    I follow the blog by email and on my google reader. I also follow by Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  49. Linda Thorpe

    Just to say I have followed your advent calender every day and THANK YOU for all the hard work it entailed. Really like the wool balls & mouse too. x

  50. maura

    love your blog, thank you for the inspirations. what a lovely giveaway, love your colors! i already follow you on my google reader, and just followed you on pinterest, twitter and fb.
    happy new year and thanks again

  51. Sam

    I absolutely love the ‘balls’ 🙂 I follow you on facebook and Pinterest, I *HAVE* to order some yarn soon 🙂 Happy New Year xx

  52. MarieAnge

    Such lovely prizes! 🙂
    I am now following you on Pinterest (thought I was already! my bad)
    Am already following you on FB though 🙂

    Thank you for such a fun giveaway and love your 12 days of Christmas posts!

  53. LizzylucLisa

    I have been following you for sometime! But have signed up to follow by email, but not sure if it worked or if I did it twice! Have been inspired by you crochet and made a star garland for Christmas. Would love to win! Congratulations on you 5 year blog anniversary

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  55. Victoria Taylor

    Your advent posts have been inspiring and I made some mice magnets as presses which were v v popular! Thank you! X

  56. Nicola

    Hi Penny,
    I follow on all already but my twitter name is NicolaJWhite 🙂
    Hope you had a good christmas! X

  57. ReVampedVintage

    I love the little balls of yarn and knitting needles. Definitely too pretty to be put away with the Christmas decorations, they would be out all year round in my house! I am a follower of the blog and on Facebook, Mrs RV x

  58. Sue Cooke

    I thought I’d grown out of Advent Calendars but have loved the suspense of opening a new post each day with things to make, read and think about to get me in the Christmas spirit. Thanks for all the ideas (and yes, I’d love to win any of your prizes to brighten up the post-Christmas period!)

  59. Lizi Riordan

    I love all your work! I have been following you for ages on Facebook and I’m linked with you on Etsy! Keep up the hard work for 2013!

    x x

  60. Jill McGee

    Good job you sent an email reminder – i thought i’d posted on this one….so many lovely things in December (especially that damp orange cake!)

  61. Chris Gill

    Your designs really are inspired. I’ve loved the recent posts and you mince pie recipe has been much appreciated. I hope 2013 is good for you.

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